first australian womens songbook

Australian Women Singer/Songwriters of the Second Wave

Every generation has its music. Most of these 50 songs were collected from women all over Australia following four national women’s music festivals in Lismore NSW, who responded in the late 1980s to a national call for songs that expressed their daily lives, cultures, communities and causes. Many are relevant today to issues such as peace, gendered violence, environmental justice, and equality. Some of the artists are well known, others not.

4 thoughts on “Australian Women Singer/Songwriters of the Second Wave”

  1. Kerith. My admiration for your dedication and persistence in promoting women’s music and musical performance is infinite and I congratulate you for this delightful addition to your achievements. Mim

  2. Congratulations Kerith on all the work that has gone into getting this website up and running – great to see and hear! It would be wonderful to livestream and record the performances at the Canberra launch for the many who can’t be there in person – would make it possible for us all to be part of the audience, wherever we may be scattered across the country. Heartfelt thanks again!

    1. Thank you Jen, We’re doing what we can to bring this about, we’re in the hands of the National Folk Festival organisers on this matter. I believe there may be a video on sale later through the NFF organisers. Hope this may encourage you to document your own songs –when you do, please send us the link!

      1. Understand and thanks for trying to make it happen. And thanks also for the encouragement to document my songs – seem always to have too many other projects on the go, mostly photography & video these days.

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