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Wendy Joseph is a freelance songwriter, Workshop Co-ordinator and Community artist from Toowoomba, Queensland. Wendy describes her life path as ‘interesting’. Her songs arise from a strong sense of social justice. She is a volunteer presenter at 102.7FM Community Radio. She has been published in the past in “Sing Out!” magazine (USA) “Come For To Sing” (USA) and has had songs recorded in New Zealand, England and Australia by other artists. Most recently, her song entitled “Of Trees And Humankind,” was recorded in the USA on their (Folk Legacy) album “Bird of Passage,” by artists George Stephens and Kathy Westra.

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The Ballad of Jenny Whittaker


Song Lyrics

As I rode out on a morning, I heard a woman cry; And I followed the sounds till I tracked her down beneath an autumn sky.”Why do you weep, young woman? how may I help?” said I; ”There’s naught that you, or another can do” she answered with a sigh.

“Oh, my name is Jenny Whittaker, my mother’s name was Jill; She was racked and stretched, now she hangs for a witch, just there on yonder hill.My mother was a healer, she worked with hyssop and rue;Pennyroyal, comfrey, camomile, bugloss and feverfew.

And they came to her at midnight and dragged her from her bed,Those churchly thieves with their morals like leaves that float on the wind when dead.My mother’s mother never missed a birth, she was burned in twenty-three;Now my father’s wife has lost her life and the only one left is me.

And I heard of a town in Saxony where all of the women but one Were put to the fire; but my horror grows higher when think on that one left alone.And it seems to me such wickedness that we be treated so,And I fear for my daughter’s daughters in a world that would bring them low.

Oh, my name is Jenny Whittaker, my tale is sad but true. Oh, do not scorn, my friends be warned; they could one day come for you.”