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This website is designed to tally the number of times visitors stream songs and download sheet music. A quarterly report will go to APRA-AMCOS, the Australasian Performance Right Association which then allocates royalties to the songwriters, funded by the website’s publishing licence plus donations.

If you wish to support women musicians a donation to this website will be added directly towards:
(a) the licence fee and
(b) the songwriter’s APRA-AMCOS royalty payment.

first australian womens songbook

How to Donate

Donate on a one-off basis

  • Donate $1 every time you live stream a song and it will be added direct to that songwriter’s royalty allocation
  • Donate $5 every time you download the sheet music and it will be added to that songwriter’s print publication royalty allocation
  • Donate $250 and cover the entire APRA annual publishing licence

Donate on a weekly basis

  • Setting up a weekly or monthly donation will enable us to maintain and add to the website and add a bonus to the the songwriters’ APRA royalty payments
  • Donate $20 per month and cover the annual publishing licence fee


Donations are accepted via Paypal. You can subscribe to a monthly amount or make a once off donation below:

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Donations are accepted via bank transfer. Please use the bank details below when making a transfer:

Bank Name: Kerith Power Bonus Saver a/c
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Volunteer Arts Administrators

Funds Manager for the First Australian Women’s Songbook: Roseann Dale Dengate
Roseann Dale Dengate has spent most of her life singing, writing songs, plays and organizing friends to perform with her. She is a Life Member of the Bush Music Club, in which she performed at Folk Festivals or produced workshops and themed concerts. During the years 1980s-1990, as Chairperson of the Australian Folk Trust she steered the National Folk Festivals away from financial failures to a more sustainable future. Since then Dale has continued performing and supporting others at many folk festivals including at Maleny/ Woodford and Canberra.

Songbook Editor and Web Designer: Kerith Power
Kerith Power has been a songwriter/singer since 1966, performing in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Following her leadership of a series of National Women’s Festivals in Lismore NSW starting in 1983, she was sponsored by the Australia Council to edit the First Australian Women’s Song Book, which contains songs by a broad range of women from all over Australia, featuring well known writers such as Joy McKean, Robyn Archer, Judy Small, Jeannie Lewis, Fay White, Sue Edmonds and Jan Cornall. Several of the named songwriters have agreed to perform their own songs to launch the songbook at the 2022 National Folk Festival.