The Songs

  1. A Heroine of Mine  Judy Small
  2. Aqui y Alla Soledad Gallardo and Alba Martell
  3. Atomic Lullaby Dorothy Hewett and Mike Leyden
  4. Ballad of Women (long version) Dorothy Hewett
  5. Beat Your Breasts Sue Edmonds
  6. Birthing Song Jen Brown
  7. Bitter Winds Lina Eve
  8. Contact Zone Kerith Power
  9. Derby Hall Phyl Lobl
  10. Desert Rain Jill Stevens
  11. Dreams and Therapy Sue Moss
  12. Dreams and Visions Kath McMillan
  13. Earth Magic Barbara Stephenson
  14. For the Earth Deb Dare
  15. for Judy Leng Im Annie Kia
  16. Gentle Annie Creek Kerry Steer
  17. Gutzy Woman Ge♀︎rge
  18. I’ll be at the Pub Tonight Pat Ann, Kelly & Mace
  19. Indian Pacific Joy McKean
  20. I’ve got the Munchies for You Sorell
  21. Liberation Road Kerith Power
  22. Losing Lady Phyl Lobl
  23. Love and Justice Kavisha Mazella
  24. Monogamy Shbedogamy Jan Cornall and Elizabeth Drake
  25. One Husband Away from Welfare Merriel Hume
  26. One is a Whole Number Fay White
  27. Patchworking Jen Brown
  28. Put Away to Die Ineke Veerkamp
  29. Railway Pie Merriel Hume
  30. Reclaim the Night Jo Belford
  31. Red Dust Jeannie Lewis
  32. Refuge Bay Lynne Muir
  33. Settler’s Wife Caroline Bushby
  34. Song for Jacqueline Judy Small
  35. Stimulatin’ Baby Anna Pemberton
  36. Suburban Sonnet Robyn Archer and
  37. Sweet Solitary Blues Robyn Archer
  38. Take the Toys from the Boys Deb Dare
  39. That Good Old Double Standard Robyn Archer
  40. The Call/Beryl, oh Beryl Chrissie Shaw
  41. The Ballad of Jenny Whittaker Wendy Joseph
  42. The Meaning of Life Sue Edmonds
  43. Tower of Strength  Kath and Ini
  44. Vinegar Merriel Hume
  45. What do Lesbians Do? Barbara David
  46. We Are All One Carmel de Franchi
  47. When I Speak Openly – ‘Οταν Ανοιχτά Μιλώ Demeter Tsounis
  48. Women Like That  Kerith Power
  49. Women Speak Justice Helen Kearins
  50. Whose Hand?/Whose Land? Margaret Kitamura/Ian Hills
  51. Yandeyarra Vi Lewin
  52. You Deserve Your Pay Rita Menendez