“At the time when I first started writing and performing my songs, it was a need to express, create, cathart and politicise. There was a strong folk culture of singer/songwriters. I was inspired by Union songs and old folk ballads. I was also inspired by Feminist and First Nations song writers of the day like Holly Near, Bob Randall, Mahina Arangi-Tocker and the clever writers of songs like the IPD (the Feminist answer to the IUD). I was very angry about the injustice in the world. I had faced struggles in my own life and seen the struggles of others. I had grown up with the concept that white male hetero men were the real people; everybody else was an add-on. I was pretty fearless at the time and solidly refused to play the game of my own (or anyone’s) subordination or conformity, and I was not alone. We warrior women shaped the future, I see that now, and my songs played a part in inspiring that.” (Email Dec 2021)

I was attending many demos calling for resolution on Women’s issues and Indigenous Australian issues. I compiled a set of original songs that expressed my own personal Feminist anger and women audiences could relate. I sang as a political activist in a highly political climate. I tried to bring personal perspective and to write and sing with honesty, fearlessness and to tell it straight, but with beauty and variety. The audiences at the time were just so ripe for my lyrics and style and I am ever thankful for their appreciation. The cassette sales funded many adventures. The album was recorded by women with guest women musicians in a little room underneath the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne. (Dec. 2021)

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Gutzy Woman


Song Lyrics

1. I’m a gutzy, gutzy woman and I really know it all;
I’m gonna make you, gonna make you, gonna make you, gonna make you crawl.

2. I’m a gutzy, gutzy woman, and I’ll never take your shit;
You think that you’re the devil, but you haven’t, haven’t seen me spit.

3. I’m a gutzy, gutzy woman, and ya really make me sick;
Think the goddamn world revolves around your boring prick.

4. I’m a gutzy, gutzy woman, and I grow meaner every day;
So you better shape yourself up boy or one day I’m gonna make you pay.

gutzy-woman cover

Cassette Cover 1988

Being Myself was an original album by Arati George in the early 2000s. The song below calls the unborn child into the womb.

From the album: Truth and Dare, original songs by Arati George from South Coast, NSW, Australia recorded in 2000. The track below features Lotus Choir, led by Arati. Enjoy!