Soledad Gallardo and Alba Martell

Soledad Gallardo and Alba Martell composed the lyrics of Aquí y allá at the Bondi Senior Citizens Songwriting Workshop led by community musician Peter Winkler, Musician-In-Residence at Bondi Pavilion Community Centre in 1986-1987.

In the preface to the accompanying booklet, Peter Winkler explains “usually one woman would bring along some proposed lyrics which were then workshopped into song form. The melodies and rhythms were the result of group interactions- the musicians and I formulated the arrangements. “

Peter Winkler, composer, record producer and a leading practitioner in community and world music.

Soledad Gallardo australian songwriter
Soledad Gallardo
Alba Martell australian songwriter
Alba Martell

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Aqui y Alla / Here and There

The lead vocalist in the title track, is workshop participant Aurora Gil.
Instrumentalists on the original cassette include Lessier Bignell (piano), Norma Caceres (Spanish guitar, vocals), Belle Crowhurst (violin, vocals), Joan Matthews(synthesiser), Wilma Eichner(zither) with Tina Harris (bass guitar) and Peter Winkler (other instruments).


Song Lyrics

Cruzando los anchos mares
bajo el azul delos cielos
voy volando entre las nubes,
dejando lo que mas quiero…

Aquí y allá
S’encuentra la alegría
Aquí y allá
alienta la esperanza …

Entre penas e ilusiones
siento el alma estremecida
Pero se que en esta tierra
comienza una nueva vida…


Con fe y con amor luchemos
por la dicha presentida
que libra y en paz ofrece
esta Australia ya querida. 


No te olvidas, tierra mia
que por muy lejos que estés
yo volveré algún dia
y tu serás siempre mia …


We cross the wide seas
below the blue sky
I fly through the clouds
leaving what I most love.

Here and there
I find happiness
Here and there
there is always hope.

Feelings of sorrow and hope
touch my soul.
But I know that in this land
I will start a new life.


With faith and love
let’s fight for a future
in Australia
Based on freedom and peace.


Don’t forget, my homeland,
Even though you are so far away
I’ll be back one day
And you’ll always be mine.


Aqui y Alla Songbook cover, printed at Waverley Library

The Vocal Chorus Features

Adriana Caceres
Rosa Covarrubias
Olga Escobar
Ana Gallardo
Soledad Gallardo

Madge Flanagan
Noelene Bradley
Rosita Locanto
Alba Martell
Adriana Mino

Maria Molina
Rosa Mori
Blanca Olivera
Laura Osorio
Graciela Pena

Theo Pezo
Maria Pizarro
Rosa Podesta
Olga Ramitrez